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Watch the 25th Annual Garden of Life

Please click here to watch the 25th Annual Garden of Life! We wish everyone a healthy and very Merry Christmas!  

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Chalk the Walk with Positive Talk

Positive words and signs decorate the sidewalks that employees use each day to start their shift. Words of encouragement keep us strong, #HomewoodStrong

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Busy Helpers

Thank you to our wonderful Therapeutic Recreation ladies and volunteers for making re-usable, cloth masks!  We appreciate all of your endless, hard work! #HomewoodStrong

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Virtual Activities

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Lending a Helping Hand

Shout out to our IL Therapeutic Recreation staff members for all that they do! Grocery runs and drop-offs at the door have been a huge help! 

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Patriot Lounge Dedication

To honor all veterans, Plum Creek residents renamed one of the community lounges to the "Patriot Lounge." The dedication was held on October 7, 2018, with a special presentation and invocation from Plum Creek's chaplain. Thank you to all who have served, both past and present.

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An Evening of Music & Comedy

Residents enjoyed performances of amusing skits and beautiful music from other residents who put on a show for both Independent Living and Personal Care. The night was filled with laughter and fun! Thanks to all who participated and who made the show possible!

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Women's Circle Brunch

This September marked the 6th annual Women's Circle Brunch. This yearly event is held in September, in order to kick off the group's new season. The focus was on "What do you do to nourish yourself?" With over seventy attendees, guest speaker Georgia Simpson, spoke on the topic of nourishing oneself, through methods such as the skin, body, mind, soul, and mindfulness. Lunch of tomato soup, quiche, and a garden salad was served, along with a dessert of peach crumble. 

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